Dakota Creek Forge started in January of 2018 at our home in Blaine Washington.  The name comes from the winding creek that flows into Drayton Harbor less than a quarter mile north of the shop.

Our Story

  Welcome to the forge! I began blacksmithing in 2016 as a weekend hobby, using a hand cranked wood burning forge and a chunk of railroad track for an anvil. I quickly became obsessed and spent the majority of my free time teaching myself the basics and improving my skills.

It wasn’t long after that I decided to try and start a part time business, so in January 2018 I formed Dakota Creek Forge and began the process of finding markets for my meager wares.

Not long after I was surprised to be approached by a production company for a new forging show on Discovery Channel. I foolishly accepted and you can now see me on Master of Arms (ep. 8), which was quickly hailed as one of the most canceled shows on cable .

Since then I have made major upgrades to my shop as well as my experience and am now selling my wares at farmers markets and craft shows, as well as online and custom work. I continue to enjoy challenging myself and am grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love every day.




  Thanks for visiting, and I hope I can make something for you!

Daniel Hamilton,  Owner, Blacksmith