Dakota Creek Forge

To share my collection with the community, of hand forged metal pieces for in-home, outdoor, and traditional uses. To have a shared community participate in my efforts to be creative, innovative, rustic, and to continue to use recycled and reusable materials. I hope that with this website others will be a part of this story and journey, and learn to cherish the history and durability of the art of a blacksmith. 


Dakota Creek Forge started in January of 2018 at our home in Blaine Washington.  The name comes from the winding creek that flows into Drayton Harbor less than a quarter mile north of the shop.

Our Story

   Our story begins as you might expect, with a 15 year old boy building a clay forge in his backyard, trying to get some scrap metal hot enough to pound into shape on his dads bench vise. Even though those early efforts never yielded any useful results, they planted a seed that led, 15 years later, to buying a wood burning forge and setting it up in an old pole building. 

   Over the next two years, I spent most weekends cranking away on the hand blower and learning basic blacksmithing techniques by a combination of online videos and trial and error. As my skill grew, I began to wonder, "could I do this for a living?"

   Well, with the help and support of family and friends, but most especially my wife Mallory, Dakota Creek Forge became a reality.  I upgraded to a home built propane forge and started forging every free hour I could get to build stock and skill, and began selling my wares at the local farmers market.

  Though I'm still learning with every swing of the hammer, I am committed to creating unique, quality  items for the enjoyment of my customers.  


  Thanks for reading and I hope I can make something for you!

Daniel Hamilton,  Owner, Blacksmith