Master of Arms on Discovery

Last April (2018) I was honored to participate in the Discovery Channel show “Master of Arms.” As I write this my episode will air in two days (12-14-18) and I couldn’t be more exited! If you are reading this and were brought here from watching the show, thank you for stopping by and checking out the forge!

In the 9 months since filming a lot has changed, both business and personal. I quit my day job last August and have been forging full time from my shop here in Blaine, Washington. I have upgraded to a homemade propane forge (waaaaay better than the wood forge I used before) and have been pretty busy with craft shows and custom orders. My health has been great with no signs of UC thanks to adopting the carnivore diet 6 months ago.

After the show airs I will update the blog with a more detailed story of my experiences on the show and how I got roped into doing it in the first place! If you have any questions you would like answered leave a comment or hit me up at my email or DM me on Instagram or Facebook. Also, check out my Etsy page that I will be updating frequently as I make new products. If your looking for crossbows, ………….. NO!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope I can make something for you!