Dakota Creek Forge Attempting to Involve our Community

Good afternoon,

The sun shines bright today after the winter snow storms passed through yesterday, I hope all are well.

Dan was out exploring for mild steels this week and found his new go-to for reused metals to fabricate his hand-forged pieces. He finally was able to explore https://www.zrecyclers.com/ which is a local scrap metal recycling yard in Lynden, Washington. There are many options for Dan to peruse, and hopefully will find more time to do so without two inpatient children in tow. 

Dan had an overall great experience there and will try his best to continue supporting local metal recycle-rs and supporting our mission of using materials that are reused.

In other news, Blacksmith Dan has been busy at the forge all weekend working on custom spit and skewers sets for Historical Tinsmith Karl and his incredible 19th century reproduction tin kitchens. His work is pristine and functional, check him out at https://www.etsy.com/people/karljosefschmidt. Thank you Karl for the continued support!

Notes from the homestead: Over six years ago when we purchased our homestead, it came with a not so pretty sign that was seen from the road.  It is placed on the corner of our property that displays an ad of a very old construction company that is no longer in business. Many comments were made about this sign by neighbors and friends; some not so good. It has also become a landmark on our road for finding our home and our neighbors. For years, we were hesitant to take it down because we thought some day...maybe some day we would open a business and we could use that sign post to advertise. Today we purchased a 4x4 canvas sign for covering that old construction sign which will be here in 2 weeks. Hopefully instead of side comments of frustration, we will have people contacting us for their forging needs.  Hopefully Dakota Creek Forge sign post becomes the new landmark.

Some say that we make our own reality, I am not sure if this stands true for everything but its worth a try!

Please continue to support us in our journey,

Mallory (Blacksmith Dan's wife)