What is coming-stay tuned!

Blacksmith Dan has been hot on the forge. Its been a slow few months, with his grandmother dying, and many family obligations. The last week he has forged a few knives, and gardening equipment. We also received confirmation that he will be heading to Pennsylvania, for a tv show shooting. We can't share many details until once it has aired, but this is a step in the right direction for allowing other's to know our product, our blacksmith, and our smithy.

We are also grateful for the time and energy that Martin put into getting to know our company, explore our shop and homestead while viewing it through a camera lens. He will be assisting Mallory in showing our heart through our website to our consumers.

Please continue to enjoy our product, and continue exploring our page for updates to come. We are so grateful for all the individuals that are supporting our journey, and everyday we are one step closer to living our dreams.

Thank you,

Dakota Creek Forge